If you’ve been searching for Texas-style barbeque, but can’t find it in Southern Indiana, do we have the spot for you! Smokin’ Frank’s in Clarksville has just what you’ve been looking for! Owner, Patrick Frank, previously lived in Texas and was inspired by their style of barbeque and brought it back home to Southern Indiana with him. Frank started off by smoking meats on the weekends for his friends and family, they all told him that he had something and needed to open a restaurant.

     Eventually, he took the idea and ran with it. Almost 5 years ago, Frank started operating a food truck in New Albany on the corner of West 7th and West Main streets. He has since moved to his location in Clarksville and has been there for 6 months.

     All of the meats at Smokin’ Frank’s are smoked with Cherry wood and none of their meats come sauced. However, they do offer sauces if you prefer. Smokin’ Frank’s is mostly known for their brisket. Their brisket is trimmed so that it is smoked more evenly. They even have a brisket cutting station right inside the store! In the future, Smokin’ Frank’s will be rolling out brisket nachos – be sure to keep an eye out on their Facebook page for their official launch!

     “We want you to know exactly what you’re getting when you order something from us. We don’t have anything to hide, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting,” Frank said.

     Smokin’ Frank’s also offers Baby Back Ribs that are said to be fall-off-the-bone good. Their pulled pork sandwiches are enough for two people, and they even offer a 1-inch thick pork chop sandwich. And if you think that you can only get turkey legs around festival time, Smokin’ Frank’s has proven that theory to be wrong. They sell their 2-pound turkey legs year-round! Although their meats don't come sauced, Smokin' Frank's does have sauces that are made in-house. They have two options: Sweet N Heat, which is a perfect mixture of sweet barbeque with a tiny kick at the end, and their Be Careful Hot. This sauce is exactly what it sounds like - hot as can be. Only for those who can handle the heat and even then, it might be too hot for you. Ask to try them both!

     If you’re looking for good deals, every day during the week Smokin’ Frank’s offers buy any meat, get 2 sides for $1.50. This includes all of their sides except for their mac and cheese which is $2.50. They also offer free smoked hot dogs on Thursdays with any purchase. With graduation parties and summer celebrations coming up, what food to fix is always a question. Keep in mind that Smokin’ Frank’s does cater big and small events in buffet-style or they can bring the smoker for a different experience. They even offer boxed lunches, meat by the pound and sides by the pint.

     Smokin’ Frank’s has proven to be more than just a local barbeque joint in their time in Southern Indiana. They have become a haven for community members – a place to feel welcome.

     “We are all family here. The moment you walk through that door, we love you like one of our own,” Frank said.

     You can find Smokin’ Frank’s at 638 Providence Way in Clarksville. Be sure to “like” them on Facebook to keep up with their upcoming menu additions and more! To place your order ahead of time, call them at (502) 762-6553. Although they are planning to extend their hours in the summer, they are currently open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Smokin' Frank's